Engineering design and consultancy

From a simple office air-conditioning system to a complete industrial facility, rely on R&S for an intelligent, slick and cost-effective design.

Project management and engineering design are becoming increasingly specialist disciplines. Changes in legislation, British/European standards and technology mean it’s difficult to maintain sufficient knowledge unless you’re continually immersed in it. R&S offers a project management and design team able to take on tasks from full ‘turnkey’ projects to small, one-off projects.


Our specialist areas include:

  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • steam, water and other pipework systems
  • electrical and mechanical installations
  • process controls
  • specialist bottled gas systems
  • building management systems (BMS)

Whether for new build or a refurbishment, our experienced, innovative in-house team use their expertise, coupled with the latest CAD/CAM software, to design masterpieces of engineering.

We then offer to take the project from concept to fruition, ensuring full compliance with legislation and health and safety regulations. We take full responsibility for the management of the project as principal designer and principal contractor.

We have designed and project managed construction activities for the following industrial sectors:
  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • financial
  • food and drink
  • foundry
  • information (data centres)
  • injection moulding
  • textiles
The ability to carry out initial project design and specification work ‘in house’ is no longer an option for many companies. This is why we offer both venture guidance on budget and a scope on which a project can be fully developed and costed. The experience, knowledge and expertise held within our team over a vast field of engineering specialities enables our clients to turn a concept into a firm proposal to be issued for tender. We detail the pros and cons of adopting different aspects of the proposal, allowing you to make a subjective analysis of the concept before committing to the total project.

Technical support

Our team will provide technical support and documentation for all our projects and designs including monitoring the installation of the equipment and final commissioning and verification of the design on start-up of the plant.

Energy management

Conserving and reducing energy consumption in an important aspect of any new project. It reaps significant, short- and long-term benefits in lowering fuel charges and decreasing government levies.

Very few companies in our industry offer energy assessment. We have low-carbon consultant assessors who will monitor, meter and target energy consumption and recommend ways to improve performance.

We offer this as a part of any design and/or installation package or as a stand-alone service.

If you value your business and your time, and seek a project completed on time and to budget, trust R&S. Call to speak to one of our engineers in the first instance.


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