Bespoke industrial process and specialist engineering

R&S employs highly specialist designers and E&M engineers who design and install extremely efficient, safe plant.


They have extensive process engineering knowledge and experience, applying this to a variety of projects within the following industry sectors:

  • low voltage (LV) distribution
  • food and drink
  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • textiles
  • foundry
  • injection moulding

…and controlling potentially dangerous materials including steam, oils, gases, air (sterile and contaminated), water (regular, cooling and chilled), thermal fluids, trade wastes and effluents and refrigerants. We recommend processing and neutralising many of these in stages.

We consider ourselves specialists in process safety and risk management and in controlling process systems to ensure compliance with specifications and safety standards.


Bottled gases

We are well-versed in installing and maintaining specialist, highly regulated bottled gases at pressures up to 300 bar. These include carbon dioxide (gas and liquid), oxygen, nitrogen, helium, argon, propane, acetylene and LPG

Be safe, be efficient, be the best. Call R&S.


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