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We solve engineering problems, improve processes and create efficient new facilities for industrial and commercial clients.

A robust, flexible, efficient mechanical and electrical infrastructure is the cornerstone of any successful commercial or industrial facility. Without such an infrastructure any and all operations are highly susceptible to gross inefficiencies and failure.

Many commercial and industrial organisations are changing, employing fewer in-house engineers with the skills and knowledge to design, manage and install new infrastructure projects. So when you need to change, you need a new infrastructure or to adapt an existing system, turn to R&S.

To help you determine what you need and how best to achieve this, we’re happy to offer an initial consultation at no charge. As highly experienced engineers we’re able to suggest the best solutions and, where appropriate, alternative ways to achieve your goals. This includes whether to repair or replace and how to future-proof and enhance your assets, all in line with changing regulations.

Applying the wrong solution – or avoiding necessary work – can increase the risk of expensive breakdown, nullify your warranties and increase cost in the medium and long term: it’s well worth getting it right. Our energy-efficient options will quickly pay you back.

Skills at your disposal

Our highly qualified and experienced in-house engineers give you up-front access to a huge skill set, expertise and value for money. We’re passionate about engineering and have an ethical approach. Trust is very important to us: we believe it is essential in building a long-term working relationship with you.

When it comes to costs, even though we have some of the best engineers in the region we’re competitive, flexible and ‘open’, supplying a breakdown of costs on all tasks. We use our own, well-maintained equipment, which means you won’t be charged extra for tool hire except for the most specialist equipment.


Combining professional excellence with vision to create masterpieces of engineering.

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Dedicated, in-house engineers provide a rich stream of knowledge and expertise.

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Highly specialist designers and E&M engineers creating extremely efficient, safe plant.

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Are you reliant on your IT voice and data communications? Make sure they’re robust.

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Technical engineering support, troubleshooting, energy management and maintenance.

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If you value your business and your time, and seek a project completed on time and to budget, trust R&S. Call to speak to one of our engineers in the first instance.